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One of ACC's specialty areas has become educational facilities. Polished concrete is one of the best flooring options for high-traffic hallways and classrooms while epoxy coatings are ideally suited for restrooms and food prep areas.

Educational facilities experience high volume foot traffic on a daily basis. Polished concrete is the ideal flooring option for these kinds of areas. Polished concrete is scratch and scuff resistant, exceeds coefficient of friction minimum standards and will not require waxing. Polished concrete is easily maintained with dust mopping, auto scrubbing and periodic burnishing, greatly reducing maintenance costs compared to carpet and VCT.

Epoxy coatings in restrooms and food prep areas provide seamless, textured, highly-durable floors. These flooring systems are easier to clean and maintain than traditional ceramic tile and can be re-coated periodically to maintain a fresh appearance with minimal impact on operating schedules.

Having worked at more than 30 schools (with over 500,000 square feet of flooring completed) in North Carolina and the surrounding states, ACC has proven itself as the go to company in the area for educational facilities. From dyed logos and patterns to custom blended flake to match school colors, ACC will deliver an entire flooring system custom tailored to each individual facility.

We serve: Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Wake Forest, Garner, Charlotte, Richmond, Virginia, Washington DC and surrounding areas.

No stock or computer generated images are used on our site. All photos are from projects completed by ACC.